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  • Real Estate Florida expert consultants since 1995.
  • We specialize in helping homeowners and investors create wealth through real estate.
  • We offer various commission plans when selling your home. 
  • Languages: English, Spanish and Italian

  • We are experienced in relocation as well as short sales, probate, luxury homes. 
  • We can service locally and worldwide. 
  • Integrity Knowledge and over 2 decades of experience

  • Our customers are homeowners, relocation companies, Reos, Asset managers looking to buy or sell real estate in South Florida where our experience can be used to provide results.
  • Location: Anywhere in 

    the world – Local National and worldwide connections when you need to SELL real estate located in the USA.



“Choose a place to live and I’ll do the rest!”

I’ am dedicated to having success in the real estate business!


Hello! My name is Sabatino and I have always been interested in Real Estate. I am dedicated to having success in the real estate business!

Once I bought my first home, I realized just how important it was to have a knowledgeable and friendly Realtor. There is so much more to the industry than I had previously thought. After the purchase of my home, I decided that I wanted to become a Realtor myself. 

My days (nights, weekends…) are spent helping people with what is often their most prized possession, their home. I treasure my responsibility in real estate and am fortunate to absolutely love what I do.

I feel that my clients will always be satisfied with my services because I’m dedicated to making them happy. I’m honest and straight to the point. My main goal is to get your home sold. I will do my best to provide you with any tips that may help sell your home faster and for more money. I’m also understanding of personal and/or difficult situations that sometimes lead to homeowners having to sell their home. 

The majority of my business comes from repeat and referral business; when you work with me you’ll come to understand why. It has been my pleasure serving this South Florida area for more than a decade, and I am pleased to announce that we’ve finally stepped out on our own! I will work harder than ever to provide the same excellent service for the Weston, Southwest Ranches, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Sunrise,Davie, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Aventura, Sunny Isles, Cooper City, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Miami surrounding areas, and Coastal South Florida areas., Miami surrounding areas, and Coastal South Florida areas. I’ve seen this community grow so much since I first arrived over 25 years ago, and I am proud to take part in building its future!

Please contact me with any community questions or for assistance with our Real Estate Services. We believe in integrity, quality of service, and your 100% satisfaction! Thank you so much for your patronage over the years, and remember, the greatest compliment we can receive is your referral.

I am fully fluent in both Italian and Spanish and have a limited knowledge of Portuguese. If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me. It will be a pleasure working with you!

At the K Company Realty, we are experienced in relocation as well as short sales, probate, luxury homes and find brand new properties all over Florida State.

We can service locally and worldwide.

Integrity Knowledge distinguishes the K Company Realty a young company with lot of experience.


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Quality Over Quantity

We Do It Right The First Time

We use a unique, multifaceted approach to ensure that our customers are put first, no matter what. When we opened, we believed in providing quality customer service to meet your family’s needs, and we still do today. We’re your realtor yesterday, today and tomorrow. If you are looking to buy or sell in Cobblestone? Let us help.

We offer the convenience of technology without losing the personal touch. You’ll love the resources available on our website, but this will never replace the time we spend with you, serving as your personal guide through this exciting process.

Let’s get together and talk about your home buying and/or selling plans. We’ll set up a time that is convenient for us to meet.






Selling Your Home?

Rest Assured In Our Services

We know there are many reasons why you need to sell your home, and some of them can be very complicated. That’s why we discuss your options before having you sign any paperwork – we want you to be able to make the best choice for your family. Whether you’re moving across town, out of state, across the country or around the world, we’ll take care of you.


Are you ready to sell your home in Pembroke Falls?

What I’ll Do For Sellers


Our Full-Service Includes:

Property Evaluation  CMA Analysis – I am highly experienced in the real estate markets and I want to give you a better valuation estimate through actual sales data using comparable sales in your market area and gauging current market conditions.

Proper List Pricing – We will assist you in accurately establishing the best listing price for your home.

Listing your home – Preparing Listing Paperwork and Home Consultation – we will guide you through the process of filling out all paperwork necessary to list your home. We will also provide a personal consultation and advise you how to best prepare your home for showings.

Advertise Your Home – We advertise your home on the MLS, Zillow, Truvia, and all the most important online sites using full-color digital photography and a detailed marketing description highlighting the best attributes and features of your property, to thousands of real estate agents and home buyers. Having an army of agents, all assisting their buyers in seeking out the ideal home is a very effective tool in selling your home.

Virtual Tour – A showcase listing appears on and is enhanced with a virtual tour, full-color photos, a bolded heading, a lengthy custom description and a scrolling text feature. Buyers searching through prefer shopping for homes with virtual tours, ample photos, and detailed descriptions.

Professional “For Sale” Sign – attractively and professionally designed signs will be displayed in front of your home, letting buyers know your home is for sale (if permitted by your community).

Professional Quality Flyers – Will design custom professional flyers that include digital color photography and a marketing description highlighting your homes best features.

Market Updates – Markets are like the weather, always changing. I’ll keep you updated on market conditions and how they may call for price changes or other actions to adapt.

Secure Electronic Lock Box – we will place an electronic lock box that combines both security and accessibility so your home can be shown when you are not available to unlock the door and in the frame time, you choose.  The lock box can only be opened by certified professionals and allows us to monitor all showing activity of your home.

Coordination of Showings – You don’t need to worry about rescheduling your life to handle buyer inquiries or to accompany home buyers. We will coordinate all showings of your home. We will handle all of the questions and coordination required behind the scenes with no impact to your busy schedule.

Coordination of All Parties – we will coordinate and accompany all parties involved in your transaction; including inspectors, appraisers, surveyors, mortgage and title company representatives.

Full Representation and Review of All Offers and Negotiations – we will review and explain all of the details of the offer contracts. We will offer guidance and assistance throughout the entire offer and counter-offer process in a timely and professional manner.

Price Negotiations – Good markets or slow markets, buyers are always trying to pay the lowest price or negotiate for seller concessions. I do this every day, and I’ll help you to respond to offers and counter offers unemotionally and with the very best end result.

Inspections & Repair Negotiations – Price negotiations are only the beginning. Once a contract is in place, there are documents, disclosures, and inspections to get past. Any of these items can result in further negotiations and can make or break a deal.

Monitoring of the Timelines – we will keep track of the many overlapping time frames and contingencies from the acceptance of an offer until the day of closing in your “Real Estate Contract” including: inspection contingencies, financing contingencies, title processing and the many other time sensitive facets of the real estate transaction that impact your home sale.

Coordinating the Title and Escrow Companies – we will ensure that title and escrow are coordinated and that all pertinent documentation has been provided to each party in the transaction to make sure your sale closes in a timely fashion.

Contract to Closing Process – Dozens of detailed tasks, document deliveries, deadlines inspections and mortgage details are all in store for a price agreement, contract, and a closing. I’m on every one of them and will keep your transaction organized and moving. We coordinate and are responsible for each step of the deadlines inspections photos to key exchange.


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Let’s get together and talk inspections photo selling plans. We’ll set up a time that is convenient for us to meet.

Use the form below to contact me if you have any questions about our services or about your home value or any other question. I usually respond within 24 hours. If you have an emergency, do it now!


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“I help my buyers understand the many fields of information in a listing search. I guide them in making the most of the searches with thousands of listings.”


Buying A New Home?

Explore Your Options With Us

We know that buying a home can be a truly nerve wracking experience. Whether you’re looking for your first home or are downsizing because of an empty nest, we can help you find the perfect home. Do you need to step up to an executive-level luxury home? Want a quiet place in the woods to reflect during your retirement? Our access to a variety of databases ensures you’ll be happy with your options.

The services of real estate agents are similar when it comes to working with buyers. It takes more than a trained real estate agent to understand the needs and concerns of buyer clients. It takes someone who has been there, someone who has the same concerns when they’re home shopping.

I don’t want to minimize the technical aspects of the home buying process though. Every year it becomes more complex. Between government legislation, environmental laws, mortgage documentation requirements and the legal aspects of a home purchase, the home buyer must be on top of all aspects of the process or be helped by a professional.

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Are you ready to buy a new home in Pembroke Falls?

What I’ll Do For Buyers

I’m here to assist buyers in the real estate markets, and I am really good at my job. There’s plenty to do.


Our Full-Service Includes:


Search Assistance – I help my buyers understand the many fields of information in a listing search. I guide them in making the most of the searches with thousands of listings.

Locating the Right Property for You – check out how I combine normal search assistance with automated email alerts to find the perfect home for you.

Automated Search Reports – once I have an idea of your criteria for a home selection, I can set up automated search alert emails to keep you informed of new listings and price reductions of qualified properties.

Financing Assistance – as tough as it is these days to get a mortgage, I know the best sources in real estate markets and will help you to contact mortgage professionals who have been very helpful to my past clients.

Getting the Best Financing – it’s difficult to qualify for the best mortgage financing and jump through lenders’ hoops, so I help you to find the best mortgages for your needs.

Price Negotiations – buyers shouldn’t walk into a deal unarmed. I arm you with market data to help you to understand the buyer and seller sides and formulate an offer price negotiation strategy. You’re not left to fend for yourself when you make that first offer to purchase. Before that, I’ve given you data and guidance to make sure that you’re on the right track with a good deal.

Inspections & Repair Negotiations – Price isn’t the only negotiation, as there will be property inspections and you may need to enter into more negotiating around property condition and repairs. I am an expert at this. More negotiations usually crop up after you’ve agreed on a price, and they’re normally the result of inspections and necessary repairs. I am experienced and ready to help.

Title Insurance – owning a home is great, but you want to protect that ownership as well. I’ll explain how title insurance works and help you to ensure your ownership.

Contract to Closing – The myriad of tasks, documents and delivery deadlines involved in a real estate transaction are all coordinated by me and my closing assistance staff. From title insurance to surveys and mortgage documents, I am here to help. The great number of delivery deadlines, documents, and tasks involved in a real estate closing will all be coordinated by me and my closing staff.

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 Let’s get together and talk about your home buying plans. We’ll set up a time that is convenient for us to meet.


Use the form below to contact me if you have any questions about our services or about your home value or any other question. I usually respond within 24 hours. If you have an emergency, do it now!

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